Vet Calculator Plus (VetCalc+) is a fully referenced tool containing over 30 calculators designed for vets, nurses, technicians and students. Easy to calculate, save and send results and highly customiable.

Fluid calculators

  • Basic fluid rates
  • Fluid rate with volume deficit corrections
  • Potassium infusions
  • Serum osmolality
  • Constant rate infusions (CRIs) (includes loading doses and 30+ drugs)
  • Free water deficit

Pharmacy calculators

  • Drug dosages (dose required and amount (ml, g, & tablets))
  • Body surface area
  • Emergency drug calculator

Hematology calculators

  • Total blood volume
  • Maximum blood sample volume
  • Transfusions (transfusion volume required)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Erythrocyte indices (MCV, MHC, MCHC)

Conversion calculators

  • Convert between SI & conventional units (over 70 agents)
  • Convert Temperatures (℃ & ℉ including normal ranges)
  • Convert weights (kg, g, mg, μg, oz., lb.)
  • Convert volumes (liter, dL, ml, fl. oz., teaspoon, tablespoon, cc.)
  • Convert pressures (mmHg, kPa, Pa, Bar, mBar, psi, atm, cmH2O, mmH2O)

Nutrition calculators

  • Daily energy requirements
  • Amount to feed
  • Dry matter %
  • Animal’s ideal weight (in kg, stone & pounds)

Blood gas calculators

  • Acid-base
  • Anion gap
  • A-a gradient
  • Bicarbonate deficit

Date calculators

  • Animal’s age from date
  • Due date (parturition estimation)

Cardiac calculators

  • Echocardiography (calculate & compare to expected values for dogs and cats)
  • Heart beat counter

Other calculators

  • Anesthetic flow rates (Bain, circle, Humphrey ADE (A), Lack, MacGill, Mini-Lack, T-Piece)
  • Dilutions (conc. based on added volume or volume to add for desired conc.)
  • Pain score (Glasgow CMPS-SF) for dogs
  • Coma score for dogs


The app includes values for the following species:

Alpaca, cat, cattle, chicken, chinchilla, dog, ferret, gerbil, goat, guinea pig, hamster, horse, pig, rabbit, rat, sheep.
Other features

  • Save calculated results
  • Share & Send calculated results
  • Add/delete own drugs (iOS & Android)
  • Use kg or lb. (in all calculators)
  • Different giving/drip sets (10, 15, 20 & 60 drops per ml)
  • Change units from SI to US/Conventional
  • Change units/scales/formula used in many calculators
  • Pre-set values (customizable) for many species
  • Specify your own values for different species and drugs (i.e. blood volumes, drug concentrations etc.)
  • App2SD & Backup/Restore supported on Android
A list of included species and drugs and the default values used in the app can be found here.

iOS screenshots

Android screenshots

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