Version 2.25

Minor update

  1. Added pulse pressure variation calculator
  2. Small UI change

Version 2.24

Minor update

  1. Updated graphics (now vector based)
  2. Support for different shapes in the latest versions of Android
  3. Correction of a few bugs that caused crashes or anomalies when drug preferences were modified or accessed

Version 2.23

Minor update

  1. Added suture size conversion
  2. Bug fix for acid-base calculator

Version 2.22

Minor update

  1. Bug fixes where app was crashing on update for some users
  2. Further bug fix for number input correcting issue in 2.19-2.20 where some Android phones cannot offer the user a ‘,’ for decimal input

Version 2.20

Minor update

  1. Bug fix for number input correcting issue in 2.19 where some Android phones cannot offer the user a ‘,’ for decimal input

Version 2.19

Minor update

  1. New species added (alpaca, cattle, chicken, goat, horse, pig, sheep)
    • Emergency calculator for horses
  2. New drugs added (150+)
  3. User can add/delete their own drugs
  4. Acid-base calculator improved
    • Species specific values now used
    • Algorithm improved
  5. Improved number support for non-English locales (handling of decimal places improved)
  6. User interface improvements and bug fixes
    • Beat and cardiac counter graphics updated and scaling issues corrected
    • Formatting of titles, results and references standardised
    • Parameters in echocardiography calculator now reported correctly
    • Free water deficit calculator now correctly declares “no deficit” for all values above 0
      • Decimal places for results handled better

Note: This release drops support for Android versions prior to 5.0 (tiny fraction of current users) to improve user experience.

Version 2.18

Minor update

  1. Bug fix for free water deficit calculator
  2. Updated reference for free water calculator
  3. Bug fix for rounding of negative numbers

Version 2.17

Minor update

  1. Added giving set drop counter
  2. Added mean arterial pressure calculator
  3. Other small changes
    1. App icon updated
    2. Some calculator icons updated
    3. Card layout for results updated (swipe to dismiss removed as too sensitive & frustrating)
    4. Age calculator now shows total number of days
    5. Sodium Bicarbonate calculator now gives suggested doses
    6. Numerous other changes to improve individual calculators
  4. Bug fixes
    1. Corrected problem where CRI drugs (nitroprusside & noradrenaline display each others concentrations)
    2. Fixed issue where non-decimal values cause crashes in preferences
    3. Reference & results text changes
    4. Stop black bars when lists scrolled in earlier versions of Android

Version 2.16

Minor update

  1. Added pressure conversion calculator
  2. Small changes
    1. Drug calculator now always gives the results (even if unfeasibly small)
    2. Some calculators no longer use scientific notation for very small decimals

Version 2.15

Minor update

  1. Added coma score calculator (modified Glasgow)
  2. Improvements to heart beat counter
    1. Improved accuracy
  3. New interface for saved results
    1. Displayed as ‘cards’
    2. Swipe to dismiss on Android 4.0+
  4. Swipe to ‘go back’ disabled by default
    1. To prevent accidental exit from calculators
    2. Option to re-enable in preferences
    3. If enable swipe to dismiss for saved results is disabled
  5. Changes to dialog so that all adopt ‘Holo theme’ where possible
  6. Change to some of the apps wording

Version 2.14

Minor update

  1. Corrections for free water and bicarbonate deficit calculators
    1. Now correctly compensate for weight kg/lb
  2. Pain score calculator bug fix
    1. No longer crashes on tablets

Version 2.13

Minor update

  1. Heart beat calculator bug fix
    1. Stop crashes in pre-Android 4.0
    2. Minimum of two beats required

Version 2.12

Minor update – Google Play

  1. Heart beat calculator
  2. Android 4.3 Compatibility
  3. Pre-Android 4.0 devices have improved features and UI
  4. BSA references shown correctly

Version 2.11

Minor update – Non-Google Play

  1. BSA references shown correctly

Version 2.10

Major update

  1. Calculate free water deficit
  2. Calculate bicarbonate deficit
  3. Additional SI Units added (e.g. kPa) and more calculators support SI/US units
  4. Additional species have been added to the body surface area calculator (ferret, rat, rabbit, mouse, guinea pig & hamster)
  5. Dose calculator now gives superior results when tablets used
  6. Transfusion calculator allows a donor to be specified and will calculate their final PCV
  7. Ideal weight calculator now gives result in kg, lbs. and st.
  8. Bug fixes
    1. Drug preferences no longer crash for non-English languages when saved
    2. Rare crash where app resumes on saved result should no longer crash
    3. Comment for BCS removed from BSA calculator
  9. Preferences grouping more intuitive and drug or species preferences now save when back button is pressed
  10. Some graphics updated for certain fluid calculators
  11. Only users that are being upgraded are will be shown the update message

Version 2.00

Major release

  1. Users can now save calculated results
  2. Calculated results can now be sent/shared
  3. Animations are now consistent across the app and much smoother
  4. UI of the app has been overhauled. Supporting the UI of the android version that the app is installed on
    1. Result screens now all have a consistent look
    2. Calculator designs standardised and improved
    3. Navigation across the app more consistent and useful
  5. Backup and restore feature enabled
    1. Silent process and cannot be forced by user
    2. If re-installed or installed on a new handset all previous settings and preferences will now be restored
  6. Ability to customise the values used in the app have been greatly expanded
  7. Numerous other tweaks and improvements

Version 1.21

Minor update

  1. Preference (mmol/mEq) now also work in Acid-Base Calculator
  2. Phlebotomy calculator no longer allows the current PCV > desired PCV
  3. If a temperature is lower than the reference range it is now coloured a light blue to reflect this
  4. When weight is in pounds ‘Drug Calculator’ now give the correct amount
  5. Weight & volume conversion calculators interface updated

Version 1.20

Major update

  1. Erythrocyte indices calculator
    1. Calculate MCV, MCH, MCHC
    2. Species specific ranges provided and these ranges are referenced
  2. CRI calculator now allows rate to be in ‘ml/hr’ as well as ‘ml/kg(lb)/hr’
  3. Extra species added to temperature conversion calculator and references for species ranges provided
  4. Giving set selection simplified and new preference added
    1. Users can choose preferred giving set
  5. Other corrections & improvements
    1. Acid-base calculator parameters tweaked and calculator now identifies normal blood gases
    2. Dilution calculator (volume to add) no always gives correct totals volume and no longer allows for negative volumes. Issues where volumes gave extremely large integer fixed
    3. Result screens for several calculators standardised
    4. A few grammatical corrections
    5. Several other minor tweaks

Version 1.13 (Google Play Only)

Minor update

  1. Fixed crash when ‘Time & Dates’ screen opened

Version 1.12

Minor update

  1. Serum osmolality Calculator added
  2. 10 drops/ml option added for giving sets
  3. Update message now only shows once rather than repeatedly

Version 1.11

Minor update

  1. Age Calculator
    1. No longer reports date as “future” for certain days that are “past”
    2. Fixed error where certain ages would one month longer than they should be
    3. Corrected calculator title
  2. CRI Calculator
    1. Dialog for listed drug loading dose/CRI amounts now only accepts numbers and a single line of input

Version 1.10

Major update

  1. Emergency Drug Calculator
    1. New drugs added (Calcium cholirde & gluconate, doxapram, furosemide)
    2. Species option for dog & cat (for lidocaine dose)
    3. Atipamazole removed. It was assumed that 10µg/kg medetomidine was used however this wasn’t stated. Risk of confusion, overdose and lack of option for dexmedetomidine meant this drug was removed.
    4. Correction to defibrillator
  2. CRI calculator updated
    1. Now accepts a loading dose
    2. Correction: ml/kg/hr now gives this rather than ml/hr
    3. 33 drugs added (see here) with ability to customise their conc. and doses
  3. Energy calculator no longer resets weight (unless weight set in animal config.) when energy category changed
  4. Improved support for number formats (non-decimal point locales)
  5. Fixed bug that caused crash in acid-base calculator
  6. Option to reset calculators user defined values to default provided in preferences
  7. Links to preferences added to some calculators to increase visibility of apps configurability
  8. Increased profile for rating app and giving feedback
    1. Note: Clicking ‘rate’ causes button to permanently disappear (rating doesn’t have to be left!)
    2. Option to select desired email client for sending feedback
  9. VetCalc+ logo now links to about page
  10. Web link added to about page added
  11. Grammar corrections
  12. Stability and performance improvements throughout

Version 1.02

Minor update

  1. Fluids calculators improved (fluid bag and extra preferences)
  2. Improved support for tablets (3.2+)
  3. Minor bug fixes