VetCalc+ for iOS Changelog

Version 1.20

  1. New calculators
    1. Mean arterial pressure
    2. Giving set drip counter
  2. iOS9 compatibility
  3. Other changes
    1. Graphics updated
    2. Improved support for higher resolution screens
    3. Improved screen orientation support especially on larger screens
    4. New icon for fluid section
  4. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed crash for 'beat counter' in iOS9
    2. Fixed calculationsinvolving not '.' decimal places (better locale support)
    3. Fixed 'A-a gradient' calculator

    Version 1.10

    1. New calculators
      1. Heart beat counter
      2. Free water deficit
      3. Bicarbonate deficit
      4. Coma score
    2. Improved sharing options as now shares text making accessible to messages etc.
    3. iOS7 compatibility & UI updated to match iOS7
      1. Scrolling and icon layout on main screen modified
      2. Some icons changed to match iOS7 styling
    4. Other changes
      1. 'Drug' changed to 'dose' in pharmacy section
      2. 'Select' changed to 'drug' in CRI calculator
      3. Font size for references decreased
      4. New icon for fluid section
    5. Bug fixes
      1. Age calculator no longer shows 'future date' error in certain instances when a date in the past is chosen
      2. Saved resultd now deselect once pressed
      3. Species are capitalised for temp. calculator results

    Version 1.00

    Initial Release for iOS